"Buick has dropped another sinister car on us."

-Car and Driver Aug. 1987

"One of the hottest looking entries on the ticket for 1987."

-Hot Rod Oct. 1986

The 87-89 Lesabre T-type

The T-type designation was used by Buick throughout the 80's as a performance package. Its most famous application was the awesome Regal T-type, adding a legendary turbocharged V6 to the midsize coupe, creating one of the fastest cars of the 80's. One car to use this designation that isn't as well known is the Lesabre. Built from '87 to '89, the Lesabre T-type represents the highest performing H-body. Although not as outstanding as its Regal sibling, it was a notch above other Lesabres. Original plans called for a turbo, but transmission durability problems limited engine output. Instead Buick turned to overall improvement. First, acceleration was improved by using a performance axle, geared lower than most Lesabres. Styling was greatly improved by Grand National inspired black out trim, aluminum wheels and front and rear spoilers. The interior was improved by installing a console with shift lever, and front bucket seats. A Pontiac-style red-orange dash cluster was used to accent the t-type badges and other interior changes. Finally, the handling was greatly improved by installing a huge 1.25-inch sway bar in front and a .75-inch bar in the rear.

With all these great features, it's no wonder most T-type owners love their cars, and won't part with them easily. Comfortable but agile, smooth but fast, beautiful but not flashy, the Lesabre T-type is in a class all its own. The power from the Buick 3800 V6 is amazing, the handling is confidence inspiring, and the interior is among the most comfortable. Buick hit the mark with this car, and many will be enjoying this car for years.

"The cabin is spacious, the seats are comfy, and the drivetrain is pleasant and perky."

-Car and Driver Aug. 1987

"It does a great job of blending a performance image with a bread and butter car that might otherwise be overlooked."

-Hot Rod Oct. 1986


Body style 2 door coupe
Chassis type Unit body with isolated subrame
Weight 3300 lbs
Wheelbase 110.8"
Track F/R 60.3"/59.8"
Length 196.5"
Width 72.4"
Height 54.7"
Oil Capacity 4.5 quarts
Coolant Capacity 12.6 quarts
Fuel Tank 18.0 gal.
Drivetrain Front engine, Front drive
Engine type 90 deg. V6 Iron Block and Heads
Bore X Stroke 3.8 X 3.4
Displacement 3.8L/231 CID
Valvetrain OHV 2 valves/cyl.
Compression ratio 8.5:1
Fuel system SFI
Horsepower 150@4400 (87) 165@5200 (88-89)
Torque 200@2000 (87) 210@2000 (88-89)
Redline 5250 rpm
Trans. type 4-spd. Auto
Axle ratio 2.97:1
Front Suspension Strut, control arm, coil spring, anti-roll bar
Front Suspension Strut, control arm, lateral link, coil spring, anti-roll bar
Steering type Rack and Pinion, Power assisted
Turns lock-to-lock 3.1
Turning Circle 40.9 ft
Front Brakes 10.1 x 1.0-in. Vented Disc
Rear Brakes 8.9 x 1.7-in. Drum
Wheel size 15 x 6.0-in.
Wheel type Cast Aluminium
Tire Size P215/65R15
Tire Pressure 30/30 psi.
Front Int. Volume 55 cu. ft.
Rear Int. Volume 47 cu. ft.
Trunk volume 15.7 cu. ft.
F. Legroom 42.4
F. Headroom 38.1
F. Shoulder Room 59.0
F. Hip Room 53.0
R. Legroom 37.4
R. Headroom 37.6
R. Shoulder Room 57.8
R. Hip Room 54.5

The T-type package.

Special Alluminum Wheels Eagle GT tires
Gran Touring suspension 2.97:1 ratio transaxle
Leather wrapped sport steering wheel Red and amber taillamps
Dual exhaust outlets Black bodyside molding treatment
Lay-down hood ornamnet Unique 45/45 seats
Power 6 floor mats Blackout trim
Rear deck spoiler (88-89) Front air dam
ETR AM/FM stereo with red backlighting Blacked-out instrument panel controls
Special gauge package with red backlighting T-type Identification

Little known facts:

15,938 T-types were made over the three years; 4123 in '87, 6426 in '88, and 5389 in '89.

In '86 there was a Lesabre Grand National, 117 were built.

The option code for the T-type was WE2.

T-type can be found in four colors: Black, White, Silver and Maroon.

The only exterior T-type badges are on the pillar, and in the Lesabre badge.

Most if not all 87 T-types did not come with a rear spoiler.

Only '87's came with black and grey GN style seating.

'87's had 150hp '88's and '89's had 165hp.

GM's retail price for a front spoiler is $750.

The T-type package cost about $2000 extra.

The T-type was billed as a seperate model, but was actually a special option package.

The center console and steering wheel can be found on other Buicks.

Some '87 and '88 models had plastic front fenders.

There were H-body 2-door Olds' and Buicks, but no Pontiacs.

A T package was a available on the 4-door Lesabre.

The T-type's suspension was the most aggresive available in an H-body

The Electra T-type shared many parts with the Lesabre T-type.

The T package was available on: Regal, Lesabre, Electra, Century, and Skyhawk in '87.